2017 Health and Fitness Boon

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The end of the year is here and the New Year brings plenty of opportunities to grow your business based on your clients’ resolutions. According to Nielsen, many Americans are focusing their resolutions on health and wellness.  In fact, staying fit and healthy and losing weight were 2016’s top two resolutions in the U.S.

But if you think that people will automatically flock to your business once the New Year dawns, you may be in for a surprise.  Chances are that those people will be spending their money with the businesses that are creatively investing in their marketing.

To help your wellness brand grow, we’re sharing some suggestions to consider when planning your 2017 marketing.

Strengthen your brand recognition:  In many ways, brand recognition is the only sustainable competitive advantage and it’s something that can’t be duplicated. A brand can become so valuable that people are willing to pay more for it. And when presented with options, consumers will gravitate toward the one they’ve heard of before, in the absence of any other factors.

Launch online campaigns with meaning.  2016 has seen more and more consumers “opting out.” Try limiting advertising to products and services that your target consumer will gain something from so they won’t block your content.

Focus on perceptions before data.  Luckily we live in an age where it’s possible to acquire more data than ever before to help us track consumer behavior.  But be careful not to focus entirely on statistics, though; data should only be a starting point.

Prioritize with mobile.  Google is reported to be phasing out websites that are not optimized for mobile viewing, and brands that do not focus on mobile search, optimization and advertising will fall behind.

Think ahead.  In an age of greater connection and choice, brand owners need to focus on building trust through consumer engagement.  Audience segmentation allows companies to interact in ways that show they’re a trusted partner. But this should be part of a long-term strategy.

By following these few tips, you can help people stick with their health and fitness resolutions and create loyal clients for life!

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