Strengthen and protect your online presence

Like it or not, your reputation online is often the first thing people find.  Your City Beat  Customer Satisfaction Rating and subsequent Spectrum Award are newsworthy.  When you use and promote your status as an Award Winner online, you put your best foot forward ensuring potential new customers they can put their trust in you.

Your reputation online is vital to generating new business

User reviews can be damaging.  Even a single one can leave it’s mark on your revenue.  Earning the Spectrum Award can help negate this damage when you use it in your online marketing.

  • This is especially true of new customers
  • Standard “user review” sites are all over the internet
  • Your REPUTATION IS AT RISK because of biased reviews that are too often permitted

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We put the power back in your hands

Regardless of what is shown about you today on the ‘review sites’, you are vulnerable to the harm that comes from malicious attacks made on or through those sites.

  • Because you cannot control what is published about you on user review sites.
  • Most third party reviewers try to be fair, but some are OUT TO HARM you for personal and competitive reasons
  • Your reviews can suddenly become negative with just a couple of attack reviews
  • And you have no effective way of forcing the site to report the full story

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Your Spectrum Award Status can protect you

Effective marketing is the key to successfully reaching the top of the search engine totem pole. Using your Award as part of your SEO and SERP marketing strategy can make a marked improvement on the overall public response to your company’s brand.

  • Raise the GOODS NEWS TO THE TOP of the search engine results
  • When the news of your Award lands at the top of searches, it pushes any “slammer” comment down
  • Work with CBN Marketing Consultants to spread news or your Spectrum Award
  • Use your SPECTRUM ADVANTAGE to impact what online users see about you

ORDER YOUR AWARD MATERIALS TODAY to help protect your online reputation.

Studies show that even the perception of customer service can make or break a business. You’ve won the award, proving that your company is among the very few to meet our rigorous standards — now use this opportunity to fix your reputation!