We frequently get asked, “What is different about our award and rating, and what impact does that have for businesses and consumers?”

Our Answer is Simple.

As a consumer, do you have a useful, simple resource that actually helps you reach a decision and action on your purchase? Can you trust the information you find? Or are you always left to sort out the battle between the  fans and haters, all the while wondering which reviews are legitimate and which are biased? In the end, will you find the trusted company you want for your business?


Legitimate and Objective Source

As a business owner, does what customers see online accurately represent you? When they look (not “if”) will you like what they find? Will they find you at all?

While “search” may now be an inherent part of the buying journey, the internet has become cluttered. As a result, it can be difficult to know whether the information you seek is truly unbiased, legitimate and objective.

According to a Google study, 89% of people will search online at some point prior to making a purchase decision.

Search results will inevitably include customer reviews of a company — but just how reliable is that information? A bad review may be indicative of an inherently bad company, or it may be an  isolated negative customer experience. Worse yet, it may be a fake, malicious review that business owners are often powerless to remove.

Even when these circumstances are not present, customers seek and fail to find great companies because those great companies live in internet obscurity.

What is the answer?  Enter City Beat News.

CBN was founded as an independent research and publishing company that strives to provide a voice to the consumer about those unheralded small businesses that deliver exceptional service and experiences.

We seek out, rate and recognize companies that are the hidden gems of our communities.  In the process, we’ve removed the bias – both positive and negative – that is inherent in most ratings and reviews.

The result is a comprehensive, unbiased and accurate research based rating that gives guidance to purchase decisions consumers make each and every day.