Leverage Your Award Status

You have a distinct advantage over your competitors

Excellence is no accident. You already know you provide phenomenal service, and now the Spectrum Award testifies to that for everyone else to know too. As a new member of the exclusive community of award-winners, we want to help you showcase what makes you great!

Marketing of yourself for  Award Winning Customer Service will help your business generate both new interest and new revenue. Winning the Spectrum Award instantly distinguishes your company as top-notch, increasing customers’ and prospects’ faith and trust from their first interaction.

  • Prospects’ knowledge of the award attracts new business.
  • The award news reinforces your brand awareness and reputation among existing customers.
  • Reputation enhancement through earning a coveted third-party rating from an independent research and news organization.
  • Pride in your high standards and customer success motivates employees to deliver daily on great customer service of your traditions.
  • Being named as a Spectrum Award winner boosts crucial online Search Engine Optimization (SEO); active use of your award status will further help improve SEO and brand recognition.

The database that powers CBN’s rating system to measure customer satisfaction has been building since 2009. This provides a far broader and deeper measure of a business’ customer experience than the typical “what did they do last?” approach.

Our process separates the reality from “the smoke and noise” to which many other rating systems succumb. Countless hours of research along with thousands of customer reviews over a multitude of cross-referenced sources, all go into providing this vital rating information to consumers.

Achieve even higher levels of success by using your award to promote your business and by contacting your CBN Award Coordinator to schedule a one-on-one conversation at 866-732-9800 or CONTACT US .

We provide award-winning companies the tools and resources to help them spread their excellence and prosper. It is our honor and privilege to offer these resources to the elite group of winners. Your diligent efforts to win your customers’ “stamp of approval” got you this far. Get support for your further growth with real marketing solutions. Our consultants are available to answer questions you may have as you navigate your next steps.

P.S. Studies show that even the perception of customer service can make or break a business. You’ve won the award, proving that your company is among the very few to meet our rigorous standards — now don’t just let that award sit on your shelf!    Need ideas to get started?   Check Out 10 Tips For Success.

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