This gives you a distinct advantage over the competition.

The Spectrum Award honors those companies earning top customer satisfaction ratings. Develop your brand, spotlight your service excellence, and enhance consumer confidence by publicizing this honor.

You earned this award — spread the news! We can help you out here. Our marketing packages have tools you need. Cost-effective and affordable marketing tools are available exclusively to Spectrum Award winners. The researchers, writers, editors, publishers and staff at CBN encourage you to take full advantage of the benefits that come with your status as an award winner.

For instance:

  • Customer care specialists to best tell your story
  • Press releases to get you to page one in search engines
  • Award Materials for prominent display
  • Window decals to show the award and welcome visitors
  • Enhanced award page to direct people to you and help tell your story, and more

Simply placing the award image on your website, social media sites and in your emails announces your award status and credibly affirms your superiority to readers — both existing consumers and potential customers. And best of all, you earned the right to your award status.

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