City Beat News 2019 Research Underway

As 2019 gets underway, City Beat News continues its all-important consumer research, rating businesses throughout the United States and Canada in market segments ranging from retail to restaurants to dental, fitness, beauty, automotive and more. City Beat News announces 2019 Spectrum Award Winners on a rolling basis beginning in January as research results come in.

City Beat News employs its proprietary research and evaluation system to identify businesses and professionals with a track record of providing a great customer experience. The rating system combines data collected from a variety of sources, all of which express the voice of the customer, and brings all that data together to develop a rating for each business or professional that remains for the entire year. By analyzing multiple sources over the course of a year, the rating system shows the whole picture and avoids the pitfalls of unfounded or unjustified negative commentary posted by an unhappy employee or competitor. Negative reviews, even those that are a fraud, can really damage a company’s reputation.

Those companies and professionals that earn the highest possible rating of 4 or 5 stars are honored with the City Beat News Spectrum Award. “Every year we post an Award Page on our website for each winner, announcing their win and making their information available to consumers so they can find which companies have rated high in customer satisfaction,” says Jamie Rawcliffe, City Beat News Editor.

Consumers value a legitimate source they can trust to help them find companies that will not only meet their product needs, but also exceed their service expectations. The Spectrum Award is a great indicator of future customer service.

Spectrum Award recipients also benefit by getting the opportunity to see how they stack up in the eyes of their customers. The award validates that they are doing right by their customers and encourages them to continue their efforts.

City Beat News is part of the Stirling Alliance and as such performs its research in collaboration with The Stirling Center and its partners. “The Stirling Center is pleased to have City Beat News join it in the goal of researching, recognizing and promoting superior customer service,” says Frank Andrews, Executive Director of The Stirling Center for Excellence. “It is right in line with our mission of providing services and resources to companies that place an emphasis on providing an outstanding customer experience.”


To see if you are an award winner, click here.

To read more about the 2019 consumer research, click here.

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