City Beat News Highlights the Impact of Industry Awards

A business’s success is not just about their product or service, it also has to do with their exposure and credibility. Industry awards honor individuals and organizations all over the world, providing legitimate recognition to businesses. Awards give businesses the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and distinguish themselves among their competitors.  Small businesses especially are greatly impacted by these awards. Even just a nomination can help you gain valuable credibility. 

City Beat News in Lapeer, Michigan has been awarding customer service recognition for the past ten years. They are the research and publication company behind the Spectrum Award for customer service. This national award is given to small businesses that excel in customer service and satisfaction. With over a decade of hosting industry awards under their belt, City Beat News knows better than anyone the positive impact that winning an award can have on small businesses. Below, City Beat News goes into further detail about the importance of industry awards for such businesses.

Industry Awards Boost Employee Morale

Business owners know that employee morale can play a huge role in the success of an organization.  For small businesses especially, having a tight-knit team that shares the company’s core values and vision is of the utmost importance. Hosting customer service industry awards City Beat News has witnessed firsthand how legitimate awards can significantly boost team morale. Not only does it make employees feel like they’ve directly contributed to the success of the company, but it creates a sense of achievement throughout the organization. Attending the awards ceremony as a team serves as an out of office team bonding session, and it has the ability to improve productivity and promote employee loyalty.

Team building and bonding is one of the best investments a business can make for its employees. It helps to create and foster trust, mitigates conflicts, enhances communication, and increases collaboration amongst employees. Customer service industry awards create a sense of accomplishment and pride within businesses as it highlights that the employees are executing their job above industry standards. This shared sense of pride and accomplishment felt among employees is essential for increasing your bottom line and works as an unparalleled motivational tool. 

Industry Awards Generate PR Buzz

To a small business, positive publicity is key. When a company wins an award, like the City Beat News Spectrum Award, there is a great deal of opportunity for PR that comes along with it. Winning an award not only solidifies your company as a key competitor in your industry, but it can garner significant attention from the media. In turn, this PR buzz translates to brand recognition and credibility, which can result in revenue growth. 

Industry Awards Attract Consumers and Investors

Consumers have greater faith in award-winning businesses and professionals. Winning legitimate awards is an indication that a small business has what it takes to transition from a startup to a top-tier brand that consumers trust. As mentioned above, legitimate awards generate PR, which leads to increased brand recognition. This is the first step in attracting a wider customer base, as well as attracting more stakeholders. 

City Beat News’ Final Thoughts

Customer service industry awards are much more than a plaque to hang, they offer the recipients benefits much deeper than an award. Outstanding customer service recognition is awarded to businesses that go beyond the industry standard. Third party recognition of this nature communicates to your clientele that your business takes customer service very seriously. Winning a legitimate award will provide the benefits of boosting employee morale, generating organic PR opportunities and buzz, and further attracting new customers and investors.