Education is the Key To Success

Education is the Key to Success

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Education is one of the many keys on my ring of success. I started my journey in the beauty industry 40 years ago and realized that education would be paramount to my success. Once I established a client base, a theme formed among my clients — “how do you do that?” “why doesn’t my hair look good after I leave the salon?” — and my quest began to inform, inspire and create an educational atmosphere for my clients.

As I grew in my education I took my clients along with me. I have been associated with major hair care companies throughout my career and took my training back to the salon and to my clients!

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How to Find Your Style

My first education event was to teach my clients the power of their look — how to find their style, stay current and have the skills to create the looks I create for them. Since opening my salon 10 years ago I have hosted moms’ groups, blow dry seminars, braiding children’s hair clinics and countless behind-the-chair instruction/consultations to assist clients in creating their look at home.

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Tips from Brown Hair

I am proud to say many of my clients have been coming to me for 10 to 35 years and have never been afraid to ask for guidance. Gratefully, I have attracted hair designers who share my passion for education and sharing with clients all they know.

If you teach a customer, they will teach their friends and as a result you will build a long-standing loyal clientele. – Marci Tangi

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About the Author

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Marci Tangi
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— Marci Tangi is the owner of the Spectrum Award Winning Tangi’s Salon in West Chester, Ohio. Tangi has more than 35 years of experience as a hair designer. She believes in the importance of building better customer relationships. Her mission to educate her clients is apparent. Tangi’s Salon has an entire page on its website devoted to client resources including videos, DIY tutorials, and additional information regarding classes and seminars all dedicated to educating the consumer. Find out more at:

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About Tips from the Pros

The Tips from the Pros Blog Series is ​a platform for our Spectrum Award Winners to share insights from their specific industry that may be helpful to other business owners, professionals and consumers alike.

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For more information about Tangi’s Salon or Marci Tangi: 

Visit or call 513-755-6556. Visit them on on Facebook and Instagram at TangisSalon

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