“Paychecks can’t buy passion.” –Brad Federman

Who is best positioned to know what your customers are saying about your business, as well as the products and services you deliver?

  • Usually your staff.

Who is in the best position to provide excellent customer service and help keep customers coming back?

  • In most cases it is your staff.

Who most impacts whether you have happy customers telling their friends and colleagues about your service?

  • Your staff!

And who can most damage your reputation and harm your ability to attract new business or keep customers?

  • Again, it is your staff.

Research shows money is NOT the number-one motivator. Recognition and appreciation are! You need to pay your team fairly, but know that being recognized and respected for their contributions is even more important to long term employee job satisfaction than the money.

Now that you’ve received top ratings for customer satisfaction, share the news with your staff. This is the perfect way to recognize them, thank them, honor their efforts and encourage them to keep the momentum going.

Our certificates and plaques of appreciation will send a warm thank you from you to your staff. And visibly thanking your staff shows customers that you know where customer service gets delivered. Acknowledge their role in earning the award and show to both employees and customers that exceptional customer service is central to your priorities.

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