Eastern Personnel Services, Inc. Goes Beyond to Deliver, Winning 2018 Spectrum Award Year-Over-Year

April 18, 2018

Cincinnati, Ohio: Delivering the very best talent and staffing solutions is part of everyday operations for 2018 Spectrum Award winner, Eastern Personnel Services, Inc. Since 1987, Eastern has served the greater Cincinnati area with top-of-the-line human resource and staffing services by fostering long-term relationships with employers, job seekers, and the community-at-large. “We are inspired to go beyond the call of duty to help our clients succeed – it’s my personal commitment to employers and employees,” states Angelita Moreno-Jones, president and CEO, “We don’t go home until the job is done well.”

This above-and-beyond business model earns Eastern the prestigious Spectrum Award a fourth consecutive year with a five-out-of-five-star rating. The Spectrum Award is presented for excellence in customer service by City Beat News™, an independent research and publishing company striving to provide a voice to consumers nationally. “People have greater faith in award-winning companies and trust the third-party validation provided by the Spectrum Award process. CBN has been doing this type of unbiased market research for years,” explains Teresa Hersha, CBN Customer Care Executive Manager. The award is based on independent market research using a proprietary rating algorithm which neutralizes bias, and then identifies businesses, like Eastern, who deliver great customer experiences.

Five-StarEastern Personnel Services, Inc., 2018 City Beat News Spectrum Award Winner

Eastern Personnel Services pairs job candidates with full and part-time positions, and matches candidates with companies and organizations from a diverse group of employers who have long-standing, vetted partnerships with Eastern. Employers include a range of companies, from major corporations and governments to nonprofits and small businesses. For example, Eastern is contracted to fill more than 350 seasonal jobs for sports organizations this year, as well as long-term blue collar and professional placements with local government agencies.

What sets Eastern apart is offering a wide variety of staffing options for all types of positions – professional, non-professional, temp-to-hire, contract, and direct-hire. This gives Eastern Personnel Services stamina and credibility, and allows them to focus on engaging in a responsive, meaningful way with clients. “We enter into every relationship as a partner seeking successful outcomes,” clarifies Moreno-Jones, “Not every client interaction results in business right away, and yet we support clients by finding and supporting the right employees. We are not a one-and-done company, we are invested in every client interaction.”

At Eastern Personnel Services, customer experience means actively listening to clients as they describe staffing and human resource challenges, because that’s where creative, strategic staffing strategies emerge. Staffing specialists begin with a client’s general idea of appropriate services and quickly drill down, through targeted questions, to refine the candidate pool and narrow a client’s focus. They then blend a host of customized options or provide full-service assistance, including training certificates and client job orientation for a variety of industries. This eliminates the burden of transitioning new employees for the client. “Eastern’s value lies in the way they remove barriers to productivity,” comments Laura Carr, Public Relations Strategist, L. A. Carr Communications, LLC. “Eastern also scans the marketplace for new business trends and offers training in those areas so that existing clients maintain cutting-edge business practices.” Start-up and small businesses contract directly with Eastern for back-office administration to streamline their business support services, such as scheduling, invoicing and accounting logistics, information technology, and media relations work.

The transformational leadership of Moreno-Jones navigates this award-winning company with a long list of recognitions naming her a hometown hero, entrepreneur-of-the-year, career woman-of-achievement, community service awardee, business-of-the-year recipient, and more. She and her staff are sought after for their knowledge in developing and managing a diverse clientele and equal opportunity employment practices.

Moreno-Jones lives the issues that many of her customers face. She leads by example and contributes generously to community projects and other businesses. Acting as a SCORE counselor, Moreno-Jones provides volunteer mentoring to prospective and small business owners through this nationally aligned nonprofit serving greater Cincinnati, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana. She is a founding member of the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce and served as Chair of the board of directors. Through Eastern, Moreno-Jones gives back to the community by offering free training programs to qualified job seekers and contracting in Cincinnati, Ohio with local, minority-owned businesses for specialized support services. “Angelita has survived the ups and downs most businesses face with grit, determination and sheer force of will,” adds Carr.  “Her veracity has enabled her to grow her business and earn the respect of her peers.”

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About Eastern Personnel Services, Inc.

Eastern Personnel Services is Cincinnati, Ohio’s go-to human resources and staffing agency, acting as a trusted partner to employers and job seekers for over 30 years. Contact Eastern Personnel Services at 619 Central Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio, or by phone at 513-421-4666. Online, find Eastern Personnel Services at www.easternhires.com or on Facebook. Visit their Spectrum Award page for more information.