Expand Your Restaurant’s Online Presence With Google Business Profile Posts

If you own a restaurant, chances are you’ve already created a Google Business Profile. It is the first result that pops up whenever someone searches for your restaurant’s name.

You can add critical information to your profile, including the restaurant’s location, business hours, and menu.

Besides having a free restaurant profile on Google, you can add posts to promote your business.

What Is a Google Business Profile?

Google allows businesses to establish an online presence by listing their products and services on a free online profile. 

Most of the time, your online business profile is the first customer interaction with your restaurant. For this reason, it is crucial that the profile is complete and contains all the information a customer needs to contact you.

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The essential fields that you need to complete include the following:

  • The description and setting of your eatery or restaurant
  • The availability of sit-down meals, fast-food meals, and delivery
  • The physical address of the restaurant
  • Business hours
  • Updated information on COVID-19 protocols when applicable
  • A downloadable menu
  • A link to an email address on the online booking form for reservations
  • Contact details for fast food orders
  • Contact details for the sit-down restaurant
  • Photo gallery of the food and interior
  • A link to the restaurant’s website
  • An updated FAQ section

Depending on the most popular feature you offer, you should link that to the CTA button in the profile. Most restaurants use this button for reservations, but you can also use it for take-out orders or event bookings. 

What Are Google Business Profile Posts?

Google Business Profile posts are like Facebook updates. You can use these posts to inform your customers in real time of new developments at the restaurant. These can include new menu options, extended operating hours, or new staff appointments. You can add posts in the form of videos, photos, special offers, and reviews.

The Reviews section is one of the first tabs a customer will click on because it helps them to form an opinion of your business before making a booking. Keeping this section updated with good and bad reviews (including responses to unhappy customers) is important.

How to Add a Post to Your Google Business Profile

  • Decide on the news you want to share: a new menu, a seasonal offer, or a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at renovations.
  • Write a short post of up to 350 words explaining the update and adding relevant photos or videos.
  • Publish the post and regularly respond to customer comments and questions over the next seven days.
  • Google removes the update after the seven days are over.

Benefits of Google Business Profile Posts

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Almost 90% of Google searches result in customers visiting a restaurant within one week. This means your online visibility is directly linked to the number of new customers your restaurant attracts weekly.

Other benefits of posting regular updates on your Google Business Profile include:

  • Promoting your restaurant free of charge on the biggest search engine in the world
  • Your restaurant appears in the Google Maps results alongside your profile.
  • You can respond to queries directly via the profile platform.
  • You can post all promotions and special offers at no extra cost.
  • The convenience of online information drives new leads through improved SEO and boosts exposure.

Keeping Your Google Business Profile Updated


To keep your restaurant profile updated, log in to your Google Business Profile account and make changes as necessary. Once you’re logged in:

  • Select the Info tab, and then click on the section that needs updating.
  • Click on the pencil icon to add information or visuals.
  • Make sure to click on Apply when you’re done updating the individual sections.

It is best to make updates as soon as they become relevant because it can take Google up to 60 days to implement the changes.

Remember that you can’t remove or edit certain sections, including your business summary and reviews. If you discover incorrect details that you can’t edit, contact Google for help.


Almost all customers research a restaurant before they eat there for the first time. Combine this with the fact that Google is the most popular search engine, and you have the best reason to keep your online business profile updated.