Level Up the Online Presence of Health Care and Medical Businesses With Google Business Profile Posts

When you run a medical or health care business, you need to use all the tools at your disposal to do so successfully. Your Google Business Profile is a free marketing tool, and the minimum you should do is fill out the basic details. You will have benefits from simply claiming and utilizing your Google Business Profile page, but even more when you post.

What Details Are Important for Your Google Business Profile Page

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You should include the following details for your health care company or medical practice on your Google Business Profile:

  • Business location 
  • Scheduling hours
  • Links to appointments
  • List of offered services
  • Links to virtual care
  • Quality photos of services and products
  • Contact details
  • Link to website and further details

What You Should Know About Google Business Profile Posts

Your Google Business Profile can post in much the same manner a Facebook page can. You can only use 1,500 characters, but that is enough to convey most messages. Include a variety in your posts to get your medical practice noticed. Consider the following content to include:

    • Events
    • FAQ
    • Photos
    • Health tips
    • Health updates
    • Reviews
    • Videos

Why Your Health Care Company Should Add Posts on Your Google Business Profile

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The competition is fierce, and your rival companies are using every tool at their disposal. You should, too, or get left behind. More than keeping up with your competitors, posts allow you to better connect with your customers. There are other advantages as well. Consider the following:

  • SEO rankings: One of the countless factors in your algorithm is your Google Business Profile and interactions with it.
  • Increased credibility: Claiming and utilizing your Google Business Profile will help clients notice you and give your website credibility online. This will also put you on Google Maps.
  • Include photos and videos: Adding photos and videos to your Google Business Profile will help round out the content.
  • Shareability: Another important factor in developing your online presence is sharing your details across multiple social media platforms. Your Google Business Profile is simple to share on other social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Why Include Photos

A benefit to your medical practice posting on Google Business Profiles is that you can add photos. Why should you add photos? They are the perfect way to increase engagement and draw new clients to your medical practice or healthcare company.

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Tips for Adding Google Business Profile Posts


After creating your Google Business Profile, you can begin posting. The following tips will help get you started:

  • Decide what your goal is and create your post around that. Perhaps you want to announce a new product or staff member. Maybe you need to adjust your business hours or want to announce a continuing education program you are participating in.
  • Write an engaging description of up to 1,500 characters.
  • Add interesting content, such as a video or image.
  • Choose to publish it, and Google will review it. If your post is not approved, check out the reason why and make the adjustments.
  • Remember that posts are only visible for one week after publishing.

Posting doesn’t mean your work is complete. Your clients and potential clients can interact here, and you need to make sure to be prompt in your response. Whether negative or positive, you need to respond to every comment and review.


Creating and publishing Google Business Profile Posts encourages interaction. Your medical or health care company can boost its chance to appear at the top of Google Search results and Google Maps with these updates. Utilizing your Google Profile is an important part of online marketing strategies, and it comes at no cost.